Sensor technology & IoT

The internet of things?

With sensor technology we can connect the ‘real’ analog environment to a digital infrastructure. Unlimited possibilities and application can be served with the right set tools. Communicating and delegating based on retrieved data is called ‘domotics’ or generally know as ‘the internet of things’. Devices talking to each other and doing the task which they are assigned to, that is today.

Automation v0.5

Loving the early days when the Commodore 64’s & ZX Spectrum’s ruled, we were able to connect devices and let the computer run some tasks….exiting! Internet did’t existed in those ‘good old days’ for the general public so inter-connections and interactions couldn’t be made in a easy way. Personally, it was quiet for some time until the Raspberry Pi’s and Arduino’s came around the corner. Both are cheap (but solid) building bricks for retrieving and translating data. Controlling devices and data presentation / interception can nicely be done by means of an app or web application.

Unlimited possibilities

Sensing, controlling, processing and delegating wishes? Give us a call I would say! AirroSoft delivers a complete solution package taylor to your needs.

AirroTech Weather Pilot

Currently we are working on a AirroTech project which senses light intensity, air pressure, temperature, windspeed and wind direction. Yes it is a weather station but with slightly different purpose. With this calibrated ‘weather station’ we are able to make various calculations interesting for the aviation industry. One large advantage is that the individual products can calibrated in a controlled environment. Additional calibration can be done within the software package with ease. The other advantage is that the data can be stored into a database, connecting with API’s makes it possible to present the data in every software platform.

Posted on February 24, 2015 in News

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