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AirroPad E6B v2.00

Flight Computer App… We are currently working on the AirroPad E6B v2.0 version. This version will be developed using the native IOS and Android tooling with a brand new framework as an foundation. The key improvement which we wanted to make is making it ‘natively’ fast. This will be a ‘mayor’ update, we are building…

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Interactive maps

Big data and turning them in interactive maps… One of our specialties is turning big data into interactive map visualisations. One of our client has an regular demand for such charts. The client is a local newspaper / media agency called De Twentsche Courant Tubantia which is transitioning into the digital area. Interpreting big data…

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Sensor technology & IoT

The internet of things? With sensor technology we can connect the ‘real’ analog environment to a digital infrastructure. Unlimited possibilities and application can be served with the right set tools. Communicating and delegating based on retrieved data is called ‘domotics’ or generally know as ‘the internet of things’. Devices talking to each other and doing…

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